Mission Statement                       
It is the mission of the MR/DD Board, Inc. to provide for a system of effective and efficient services to the citizens of Baldwin, Clarke and Washington Counties with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities.  This system of services endorses the precepts that services shall be consumer driven, shall be provided in the least restrictive setting, shall maximize consumer and family input, shall use existing support systems, shall be outcome oriented, and shall utilize family, consumer and employee satisfaction as a major indicator of quality.

The MR/DD Board, Inc. is a community based organization.  The MR/DD Board assists individuals with intellectual/developmental disabilities in obtaining services in Baldwin, Clarke and Washington Counties, Alabama.
The Board of Directors is comprised of volunteers from Baldwin, Clarke, & Washington Counties, Alabama.  The MR/DD Board was incorporated in 1994 and is a United Way agency.  Funding for services is provided by the Alabama Department of Mental Health, United Way of Baldwin County, Baldwin County government and private donations.


A.  Waiver Services - Medicaid home & community based waiver program for
        individuals with intellectual disabilities.

        1. Contact the Division of Intellectual Disabilities Call Center at (1-800-361-4491).

        2. Within the next business day, an initial contact form will be faxed to
             The MR/DD Board Inc.

        3. Once contacted by The MR/DD Board Inc., you will need to do the

            a. Describe the needs and preferences of the person for whom services are being

            b. Provide the point of contact with information on the person's current situation,
                 personal and family history, and the person's Medicaid eligibility status.

        4. Additional information will need to be completed by The MR/DD Board Inc.
             to be enrolled on the Statewide Waiver Waiting List.

              Baldwin                               Clarke                             Washington
         - ARC of Baldwin County          - Clarke County ARC            - ECI (Educational
         - Dawn House, Inc.                      - Louise Davis Support           Center for 
         - UCP of Mobile, Inc.                     Service Industries, Inc.        Independence)
         - New Way Out Corporation     - Oxford Healthcare, Inc.    - Oxford Healthcare, Inc.
         - Oxford Healthcare, Inc.

B.  Early Intervention Services - Services and therapy for a child who is eligible for
        the Alabama Early Intervention Services are available in the child's natural
        environment, which includes the child's home and child care setting.
        The Services Coordinator is available to assist the family in finding out about all
        resources and services available in your community.
        See the "Project Sunrise" tab for more information on this Service.

Executive Director
Cindy Haber
(251) 947-5608 (Option 2)

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